National Poison Prevention Month: Protecting Your Pet

March is National Poison Prevention Month, and it’s a perfect time to familiarize yourself with the common household items that can be poisonous to yo...
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Holiday Hazards to Avoid for Your Pet

While the holiday season is a great time for family, friends, and fun, it's important to be aware of the dangers that come along with celebrating. Fro...
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Safe, Effective Flea and Tick Prevention in Morristown

Few things are better than enjoying a sunny summer day with your canine companion or feline friend. Unfortunately, summer is when fleas and ticks are ...
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Common Yet Unexpected Household Toxins: Info from a Vet in Morristown

Thanks to the World Wide Web, pet parents are more knowledgeable about caring for their companions than before. With a wealth of info in your pocket a...
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

The Christmas season is here, and if you’re like most folks, you have been making your list and checking it twice. If you're still looking for an awes...
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Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer with These Suggestions from a Veterinarian in Morristown

Summer is well underway, and there's no better time for hanging out with friends and loved ones. Sadly, hot summer days can be deadly for animals. Whe...
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In Home Euthanasia in Morristown and Jersey City

Part of being a pet parent is making difficult, sometimes painful, decisions. If your beloved companion is unable to enjoy a decent quality of life du...
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Protecting Your Pet this Holiday Season: Hazards to Avoid

No pet parent wants their holiday festivities to end with a visit from a mobile vet in Morristown. After all, the holiday season is meant to be a joyf...
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3 Benefits of Choosing a Mobile Vet in Morristown

As a pet parent, you undoubtedly want to do everything you can to help your dog or cat live a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, your busy life and ja...
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Welcome to Happy Paws House Calls

Dr. Mandeep Mini and her team are committed to providing essential mobile vet services for your furry family members in the comfort of your home. Afte...
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