Our Basic Visit is Comprehensive and includes:

  • Services in the comfort of your home. A convenient, cost-effective and stress-reducing alternative for you and your pet.
  • Thorough history of your pet’s health taken by an experienced Doctor, not a technician.
  • All questions and concerns answered by Doctor Mini.
  • Ear and Eye Exam
  • Dental exam
  • Skin exam
  • Heart and lungs examination for abnormalities
  • Feel abdomen for pain or masses
  • Check joints for arthritis
  • Temperature and vital signs
  • Weight
  • Discussion of nutrition and behavior issues with a veterinarian
  • Recommendations for preventive care from a veterinarian.

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Dr. Mandeep Mini and her team are committed to providing necessary pet services for your fur babies in the comfort of your home.

Working hours

Open 9am-9pm EST
Monday to Sunday

After hours appointments available upon request